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Charmingly Re-Loved

French themed vanity with flip top and mirror

Not Perfect, Just Better!

Here at Charmingly Incorrect, we have lots of hand made, re-used, and re-loved items. We take used, unloved items headed for the landfill and bring them back to life. Our specialty is our attention to detail to make every piece something you are proud to have in your home. 

Rest assured, I take my pieces very seriously. They are thoroughly cleaned and re-cleaned to insure a safe and dirt-free beginning.  Then, most are lightly sanded to remove any stubborn dirt and finishes that may disrupt the final outcome. Sanding also provides a surface for the paint to "grab" onto and assist with proper adhesion -- to make sure the paint won't flake or peel off. Then, the piece gets lightly cleaned again. Once the surface is ready, I prime with high-quality, low or no VOC water-based Wise Owl primers. Primer helps with adhesion, prevents stain and tannin bleed through, and saves on paint when going from a dark piece to a lighter color. Primer gets sanded between coats to help get a smooth surface. Finally, the paint goes on. Again, sanding between coats of paint to get that smooth finish. Glazes, transfers,  and embellishments are added before a final, protective finish is applied. Heavy use or outdoor pieces may get a few layers of protective top-coat, while display pieces could get Wise Owl Furniture Salve for a gorgeous, paint-bonding finish. 

We also have plenty of fun gift items! Looking for a unique item for a friend, family member that's "impossible" to buy for, teacher, co-worker, or whomever?. You won't be disappointed in the quality and originality. You can -- and should -- even treat yourself!

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Wise Owl Premium Paints & Products

Salve Oil and brushes

Wise Owl Paint was born from a sense of pride that comes with rescuing an item from the trash to make a cherished piece again. Wise Owl premium products make your vision come to life.

We are dedicated to the environment:

The entire Wise Owl product line is built upon our green focus: free of harsh chemicals and solvents. Our versatile Chalk Synthesis Paint has zero VOCs and our incredible One Hour Enamel has low VOCs so you don't worry about toxic smells in your home. 

Chalk Synthesis Paint:

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint has supreme adhesion, is self-leveling, easy to apply, and has incredible coverage. A single pint can cover up to 75 square feet! Our dynamic color palette has vintage inspired pigments and trend setting hues. We often offer bold seasonal colors to complement our permanent color palette.

One Hour Enamel Industrial Strength Waterborne Paint:

Ideal for Cabinets & Front doors!

Completely cures in ONE HOUR! No more 30 day cure times & it's water-based for easy clean up, so no more stinky mineral spirits!

One Hour Enamel utilizes one of the strongest acrylic resins paired with superior synthetic pigments that dries quickly to a premium, industrial-strength finish which is highly scratch and weather-resistant and poses no fire hazard or objectionable odor. You will be able to put doors, windows, or cabinets back in use quicker than competitive acrylic finishes. Imagine painting your kitchen in the morning, and entertaining guests that night! 

Wise Owl One Hour Enamel is truly cutting edge technology.

We recommend using Wise Owl Stain Eliminating  (water-based) Primer to strengthen adhesion, especially on slippery surfaces, metals, and plastics with the One Hour Enamel.

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Charmingly Incorrect Photo Gallery

White Pearl flip down table

See photos of our past and current pieces. We're always trying out new and innovative techniques, so please ask if you're looking for something specific.

Furniture Salve is an all-natural salve that can be used on many, many surfaces. Salve moisturizes sealed or painted wood, eliminates smells from old pieces, cleans oxidation from hardware, moisturizes leather boots, coats, car interiors, etc. Use it on rubber tires or dashboards to help make them look brand-new. Salve protects and beautifies older or reclaimed wood, too. So natural, use it without gloves and rub any remaining salve into your hands to moisturize skin or cuticles.  Salve comes in several incredible scents. My favorite use for furniture salve is inside older pieces to re-moisturize wood, eliminate smells, bacteria, and fungus.

Looking for something specific? We have lots of amazing pieces waiting in the wings for their chance to be pretty again. Maybe we have what you're looking for! Pick colors and finishes and get a truly custom piece for your home.

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There is always something fun going on! We have lots of special events (don't miss our Chili Cook-off or Holiday Sneak Peek after hours sip and shop). We love our customers, so feel free to send an email or stop by to visit. Get on our email list to hear all about the private sales, classes, promotions, and special events.

Charmingly Incorrect Designs

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