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Wise Owl Paint, Products & Cling On! Brushes

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis and One Hour Enamel Paints


Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint is Zero VOC and nontoxic. Our acrylic blend mineral paint has amazing coverage superior adhesion   covers approximately 75-80 sq ft. You will appreciate its ease of application, too. Wise Owl paints and glazes come in one of the largest color palettes on the market, and even offer

 seasonal colors.

The NEW One Hour Enamel paint is perfect for cabinets, doors, and even as a base color before glazing or blending. OHE has a built is top coat, is self-leveling, and is completely CURED in an hour! This is not a chalk-based paint. It is an enamel that is stain blocking and extremely durable -- it's scratch resistance qualities are incredible. Use it in combination with Wise Owl primer to get a smooth, satin finish. You can even use it on countertops, tile, and more! Even better: it's a water based enamel which means easy clean up, too!

Our paint is made in Lansing, Michigan, USA!

Glazes, Furniture Salve, Primer, & Varnishes

furniture salve

Wise Owl Glazes come with one of the biggest color palettes on the market. Metallics, iridescent shimmers, and original glazes can make any painted piece a standout!

Wise Owl Furniture Salve is one of the most versatile products on the market. It moisturizes raw, dry, sealed, varnished, or painted wood. It works as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent. It's especially good at removing odors from old or smoke covered pieces  Moisturize leather, rubber, dashboards, and even hands! It's a perfect natural formula to re-hydrate hands & cuticles. It even works to smooth out hair frizzies! Comes is several incredible scents.

Wise Owl's water-based varnishes provide an incredible strong  top coat in satin or matte finishes. use it indoors without driving your family out because of smells found in most sealants. Plus, an easy soap and water clean up!

Cling On! Brushes - The BEST brushes on the market!

Cling On Brushes

The CLING ON! Brushes offer Superior application, resistant to shedding, and smooth flawless finishing makes this brush the favorite brush among furniture painters. Premium synthetic filaments, beech wood painted handle, fully locked in epoxy cement to eliminate shedding, stainless steel ferrule. 

Best feature? They practically clean themselves! Simply rinse out the paint with water, then suspend the tips of the brush in water overnight and see the magic as the remaining paint sloughs off the brush.

Hand made in Holland. Cling On! is designed for all waterborne materials. Brushes are available in round, oval, flat, and angled styles.